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  • I should upload the end!     “Mary grant me resolve For I have no fear That with this and…

  • “Leave me to die,” I said, a life shattering in the space of a second, when souls snap and bonds…

    • Oh – this is a powerful piece, but these are the kind of pieces I have a super hard time responding to because they make me panic a bit. Is this a character or the author? A poem or a personal narrative? I don’t know. There are actually quite a few pieces/poems like this on WTW, and I have a bit of a panic every time. I want to reach through the computer and give a virtual hug to the writers, but I can’t. So, keep writing, put the pain on the page (whether it’s yours or your character’s), and I’ll respond as if this is a piece about a character.
      It starts off in first person, moves to second in the middle and then back to first right at the end. I think that first person all the way through would work a bit better for this piece because it is so incredibly personal. The narrator is cutting open his/her soul to reveal the depth of their inner torment. I also really like the imagery of the cutting/hiding etc. that’s throughout the piece. It’s consistent – tragic but consistent and emotional.

      • Not to worry, this is just a character development. Sorry, should’ve made that clear. You’re right.

    • Also, I like the title. I wondered a bit about the holy at first, but I think it works.

    • Amy replied 3 days ago

      Haha – thanks for the clarification! This is dark character but I like it (especially since it’s not you). You’ve dug way into her emotionally, and that’s great.

  • Rosa wrote a new post, Shame 1 week, 2 days ago

    I cannot swallow your disdainful face Eyes hardening Full of hate The partnership once strong Becoming brittle Forgetting the good…

    • I was so rooting for this narrator – rejecting all of the negativity. But then the last line she sort of caves and “takes all the blame” (and I was bummed). I suppose that’s the feminist in me 🙂
      I do like the emotion in your poetry though. It’s powerful.

  • Prologue  I never thought this would happen to me. I thought my life would turn out at least a little…

    • Wow – this is a powerful prologue. I’m super interested in this character and what happened. My first thought is some sort of mental disorder but then I thought maybe some really horrific event like a rape or something that might have stolen her life. Definitely keep going! 🙂

  • The music I heard with you was more than music The look I shared with you was more than a…

    • I like the last line/word for this piece. But, I also felt a little bit of loss of the self of this narrator. It’s a love poem, but it made me kind of sad. Does that make sense?

      • Kind of. I’m rereading it and its supposed to be happy, I mean, it is a love poem after all…any suggestions?

        • Amy replied 3 days ago

          I think maybe its the last two lines of the first stanza that gave me that sense? Maybe tweak those somehow?
          Or maybe it’s just me – I tend to think that the best love stories are those in which the lovers love but also maintain their individuality and encourage that in each other ie. build each other up and cherish the differences rather than swallow each other up. Does that make sense? Maybe that’s why I like the last stanza the best. Their hearts beat together but one isn’t in charge of the other.

  • cloud-zia posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    its easier 2 read a book than it is 2 write 1 i’m exhausted and running out of good names…

    • I know the feeling – in fact I’ve sort of been on a blogging writing vacation, but my creative mojo is finally returning!! Glad to know I’m not alone!! 🙂

  • So, Magennis received quite a lot of attention at the time, and for several years afterwards. Still, the author notes…

    • This is interesting. I’ve been reading a ton of history on the Order of the Golden Dawn for my current WIP. Unfortunately (for me at least) I like the reading/research almost as much as I like the writing which makes the writing S-L-O-W.
      Are you planning on basing a piece of fiction on this?

      • First I should say that I actually heard of those guys before – 19th century ocultists.

        Hmmm… should I? I suspect it would be a bit similar to what I’ve been writing so far!

    • Amy replied 3 days ago

      Well, I don’t think you need to write the same story that’s in what you’re reading, but some of the facts or character details are pretty interesting. You could write a scene from a guard’s perspective or another prisoner. What you’ve been writing pretty much tells the facts, but I don’t necessarily get a sense of what it was like. Or, you could add some of these details to your Hugh stuff.

    • Amy replied 3 days ago

      I mean I don’t get a sense on an emotional level. Does that make sense?

      • I think so. I could write something involving inner thoughts of somebody involved.

        May I ask specifically what’s interesting about the story to you? Some general aspect, or some particular part of it?

  • Amy posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Forums – anybody interested in me opening up the forums again? Would you use them?

  • Timothy and Profile picture of RosaRosa are now friends 2 weeks, 5 days ago

  • NEW:  I am starting to work on this downloaded on my pc. Don’t worry I will upload it here for…

    • I think a book is a great plan, and posting in small pieces makes it WAY easier to give you feedback on it.
      It made me a little sad that Grandpa died, and I’m curious why you started your story with a death. I’ll be interested to see how you tie that in, but so far I like the narrator character. I also like the dialogue. For some reason, not a lot of kids use dialogue but it’s often the best part of a story because that’s where we really get to know the characters. One suggestion to make the dialogue easier to read is to start a new paragraph every time you switch speakers. This is really for the reader to make it easier to follow.

    • Timothy i love this! im writing a book too and this is just so awesome that i wish you the best of luck while writing this book

      im jellos so die

  • Amy and Profile picture of TimothyTimothy are now friends 2 weeks, 6 days ago

  • Harbringer Woods, Oregon, The greatest place to go camping! See me and my family used to go there all the…

    • Timothy – welcome to WTW! And congrats on your first post. This is a fun little piece.

      The end is creepy! But why those words? I’m kind of curious about it. It feels like a cliffhanger, but I like it.

      I feel like your story really starts at midnight when Matty leaves the tent. If you want to revise it, you might try cutting that beginning part and then beefing up the suspenseful details in the 2nd part to build up to the final line (which is so good!).

      • Thanks,
        This is a cool website! I love sharing my stories.


        1. Yes it is a cliffhanger. And the truth is although I WILL REVEAL IT LATER. It is ment to be a secret right now. I want you guys to comment and tell me who you think wrote that and why!

        2. The Story is not just about Matty, it is about the boy telling the story, who is NOT me! His name is Jason. Although that is not in the story as it is unimportant. The reason why it starts like that is because he used to go their all the time! And just thought about, what if it was HIM!
        So I am not cutting the beginning!

        3. I see what you said about beefing up the second paragraph. I may do that later. But it is fine how it is.

        And finally!
        I will reveal what happened in the story as a revision, so please look out for that. I will also try to add as many stories to my page as possible! But keeping them well written!

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