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  • “I never wanted to be your son anyway,” I muttered under my breath. “Stop mumbling.” The tall man in front…

  • Then I do it.  I boldly march right over to Weird Willie and tap him on the shoulder! The two…

  • Okay, here’s artistic license. Being a squeamish individual, I never felt comfortable writing really bad stuff happening to people, and…

  • Shyanna wrote a new post, Teenager life 2 months ago

    Teenager life Experience Introduction, This is a story about a 13 year old teenager, and how she toke her up…

  • Shyanna changed their profile picture 2 months, 1 week ago

  • The Fairy Once upon a time there was these groups of fairy lining up for the Best Fairy competition, the…

    • Amy replied 2 months ago

      I love the idea of this piece – that the little or underdogs can always overcome and win. But, I wish you had more details. What were the challenges? What did she do that was so amazing? I kinda wanted to see that. This is a great start though.

      • Thank you, I am just starting to go through the step’s of the writing experience.

        • Amy replied 2 months ago

          Congratulations on starting!! That’s great. I LOVE writing.

  • updating right now, so hold on!

    • Amy replied 2 months ago

      Aww – a grand finale. That made me a little bit sad when I read that. You’re such a good writer – I hope you keep it up.

      So did this guy really get spanked in prison? Or was that creative license? I’m actually really curious about that!

      • Evan replied 2 months ago

        That was a real letter. From the book:

        “Until their post-war abolition, ‘cuts’, as they were euphemistically called, were generously applied in the RN. The fact that the process was heavily regulated merely meant that the draconian Portsmouth Barracks had to record whenever corporal punishment was used. Instead of being treated as a mere ‘bad boy’, we can see that Mick was given treatment comparable to a genuine criminal.”

    • Amy replied 2 months ago

      Wow – that’s fascinating. It seems so barbaric nowadays.

      • Evan replied 2 months ago

        For what’s it’s worth, he mostly shrugged it off when mentioning it. “That’s the life”, and such.

  • Desperate, Hugh tried a new tactic. Trying to take his demonic assailant by surprise, he rushed backwards towards the ship,…

  • Evan posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Oh no, just saw the news. 🙁 I understand; family comes first. Still, I’ve been writing here for 3and a…

  • Here’s an alternate ending to the Samhain story a while back. Here, the fight on the ship goes a bit…

    • I like it but I had to re-read it. It felt like Hugh’s POV at first and then it flipped. I’m not sure you’ve ever written a piece from the evil creature’s pov – have you? It was kind of fun.

  • Chapter One Remmy As I drive to school the sights were the same, dead useless tumble weeds on the side…

    • Wow – nice job. I like this story. You handle going back and forth between the two POV’s really well. It’s not easy to do but it works in this piece. The only part I’m confused about is when she sets up the “date” with the guy right at the beginning. it’s almost like two different characters. She’s all nervous and flinchy around a guy she cares about, is scared of someone hitting her, but then sort of throws herself at a “new” guy. To me, it didn’t really fit. If you need that part for later in the story, maybe soften it up somehow. She comes off as kind of “hooker-ish” in that section. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, but that’s what I got. But her character in the rest of it was really consistent. And, I loved the shop part and Jay. Nice job and thanks for posting.

  • you are the trigger in my life everything starts because of you you’ve got a way of making things happen…

    • Oh, this is a sad one. Yeah, I agree, life would be a lonely road when it’s all about someone else and your forget yourself.

  • we could wait forever for bad to become good we could wait forever to be heard, listened to, understood. society…

    • I love, love, love the first lines of this poem. It resonated with me a lot! I actually really like the rhyming in it too. The last four lines lost me a bit. They somehow didn’t feel like they fit with the beginning part. I think it’s because it’s a bit jarring that all of a sudden the narrator is leaving but that’s not part of the first part at all. Does that make sense?

  • I’ve ever been to a funeral before, but this doesn’t seem much like a funeral. It seems like everyone here…

    • This was pretty long, and pretty well-written! I still remember the last funeral I went to, many years ago for a relative. Like a long ceremony just to remind you of what you lost.

    • This is a long piece but I love the voice in it. You also do a really good job of creating her relationship with her family. One of my favorite sections is at the beginning when she’s with her mom – her voice really shines in that part.

      You’ve also dropped some great hooky pieces with him not really being dead, the dream sequence, and why she loves him so much when they’ve never even spoken which is great, especially if you’re planning on continuing this piece.
      Nice work

    • Amy replied 3 months ago

      You are welcome!!

  • We have the right to a personal opinion But not who should live or die That decision is not ours…

    • I like this piece but it feels a little confusing. In the first part, you’re talking about leaving everything to God because he knows best and can make more of a difference. But then in the second part, it’s all about trying and stepping outside our comfort zone which feels a little contradictory. Which is it? Leave it to God or keep trying? I’m not sure if my question makes or if that’s what then ending is, that it’s too confusing to try to figure out?
      My favorite lines are the last three – they work really well.

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