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Where Teens Write is closing its doors as a teen writing community, but the “how to write” blog posts will be up for another few weeks.
I’m happy to announce that you can post your stories and get feedback over at Teen Author’s Journal. Like WTW, it’s a smaller community where you can build relationships with others and hone your writing skills.
It’s been a great few years with all of you, but it’s time to close the doors to this community. If you did post stories here that you didn’t save anywhere else, and you’d like them, you may contact me using the contact page, and I’ll get you your story. Thank you for participating.
All the best,

Community Updates

It's been a long while since I've posted on the blog. I took a break for family reasons and also to find my writing mojo again. I know this site is all about encouraging you to write, but sometimes, taking a break and playing is what we need to re-ignite our creativity. Have you ever [...]

I'd like to invite you to warm-up your writing muscles with a flash fiction challenge. Are you up for it? Ready to write? It's definitely not hard. Well, maybe a little if you haven't written over the holidays, but this should help get you going. To participate, tell the story behind this pic in not [...]

Five Quick Questions

This summer, since mid-July, my life went completely topsy turvy when my husband got sick. Really, really sick. In fact, I'm sitting in the hospital right now writing this. He's going to be fine, but the road to get there so far has been completely unpredictable, filled with detours and back tracking. I'm a planner, a [...]

WTW Giveaway

Throughout my life as a writer, I've had ups and downs with the whole idea of editing. As a kid, if I showed a piece to anyone (like my parents as they were my main 'audience'), I got great feedback. They loved what I wrote, and I, of course, never doubted them. But that's what moms [...]

Community Update – May 2015

It's been awhile since the last WTW Community Update post, and since we're growing, I decided it was time to share what's happening and give a little love to some WTW writers. You guys are all pretty great, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. When I started this site, I [...]

How & Why Do You Use a Forum?

This past week, the WTW Teen Forum has made a comeback. When the site first started, we had a writing forum, but members didn't use it much. It's been over a year since we pulled it, but WTW has gotten a completely new look and new members, so we're launching it again. If you're not [...]

Summer 2014 Writing Contest

Today, WTW headquarters is super pleased to announce the first EVER WTW writing contest for teens. This creative writing contest will not require tons of time since, after all, it is summer which means rest, relaxation, and a good book. The format is based on a format used by Writer's Digest as it's fun and [...]

Community Update – 4-15-14

You may have heard of the recent outbreak of the HeartBleed bug that has been attacking servers across the internet. In fact you might have received prompts to change your password on some sites. I wanted to let you know that WTW is safe from this bug and had the necessary security in place. You [...]

Happy Holidays!!

It's Christmas and in the spirit of the season, I'm taking this week off from posting here. I hope you're all enjoying your holiday and using the break from school to write something you want to write. I'll see you in the New Year! Amy

Where Teens Write would like to feature a monthly column on what it’s like to be a teen writer. If you'd like to submit a piece for the new column, email Where Teens Write for details. Welcome to new WTW members "ChesterCeciliaGiggle" and "Through the Dust." YA Author Yvonne Ventresca highlighted WhereTeensWrite on her blog [...]

Community News

Welcome to new member "Evone" - looking forward to reading your great works. Members of the WTW Community have been invited to participate in the Tivoli Project. The project is described as "Part community art project, part interactive mystery, Tivoli is a first of its kind experiment in immersive storytelling." Pretty cool! How do you [...]

Nano Community Update

It's October - time to prep for NaNoWriM! Or, if the thought of writing an entire novel in a month makes your brain want to explode, then plan some nice little short story and relax. In any case, whether you are participating or not, let us know by responding to the survey in the left [...]

Community Updates

Sooo, I've been posting away, writing, welcoming people and for some reason, nothing was showing up on the site! I think I got it fixed. Let me know if you post and it doesn't show up. Thanks!!

Community Updates

Welcome to Itsed who joined the site a week ago. This is yet another creative user name - there will definitely be a "user name" prompt in the future. Schools back in session - life is busier. Thanks to all of you who have participated in and helped grow the site -slowly but surely!

Community News 7/15/13

First, I'd like to announce a local Writing Event!! For those of you in Elko, Nevada, the Elko County Library is hosting a Writer's Workshop with two local Young Adult authors: Ashley Lavering and M.R. Polish. They will be speaking on getting your work published. If you have any work that you feel is ready [...]

Community News – 6/26/13

I want to welcome lilangel to the WTW community. This writer already posted a story "The Alpha's Daughter." The title is great and alludes to what might come later on in the story! Go ahead and write her a review if you've got a moment.

Community Updates 5/25/13

Congratulations to Timerifter for winning the signed copy of Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Boys! The competition was tough, but the amazing descriptions put this one at the top. Thanks for those who participated and posted their stories. Shellmaiden and I had a great time judging - and thanks to Shellmaiden for stepping in and helping. Keep [...]

Community News 5/10/13

Welcome to new member "thetieguy" - as usual, love the user name. We've also had a few new stories posted - "CID," "Nameless Prophecy story," and "Prophecy of the Cleansing Day" Check them out! Forum Update - I added a topic index to the forums, so you can see the actual topics. If you go [...]

Sometimes Miracles DO happen!

Woot woot! The site is all fixed, fast, and fancy! It is updated and cleaned up. I spent the morning updating the "look." I like it - hope you do to. Thank you to my color advisers - you know who you are. I also added the "Editor's Picks" section at the top. If you [...]

Site Updates

You may have noticed that there are some changes to the site, but not everything I announced I was going to do has been done. That's because I hit a technical wall and had to ask for help. Thankfully, the developer I found has fixed the technical issues, made the site faster, cleaner, updated etc., [...]

Community Updates 4/3/13

I'd like to welcome to authorsherry and emasilaaccota to the WTW community! We are growing slowly but surely. On that note, do you know anyone who would be interested in participating on WTW? If so, I'd love it if you'd invite them. We're ready to grow! For those of you who already have invited people [...]

Site Updated – sort of

One of my all time favorite things is "Soul Pancake." I thought I'd share a video they made that makes me smile. After working all weekend on the site and still not being done, I decided I just wanted to smile!! When you're done watching the video, head over to the forums and share your [...]

Site will be Down for Maintenance

WTW will be down for some necessary upgrades on Saturday, March 23. I'd like to say that this will only take an hour or two, but since I'm a writing teacher and not a computer developer, and I've never done the extensive updates that need to happen, it might take longer. Hopefully the site will [...]

Welcome and Some Upcoming Changes

Welcome to Noviceofdeduction - yet another super cool user name! We all look forward to reading your masterpieces. Also, new story by Shellmaiden was posted last week - "The Empire Chronicles." I've had some issues this past week with the story rating system, so you might note that you can no longer rate stories though [...]

Community News 3/2/13

New members!  Welcome to Ebonyrose311, poetrylover, and dadotman - so glad you joined the WTW community! Poetrylover and dadotman have already posted stories - you can read, rate, and comment on them on the Read Stories page. They're pretty good! If you want updates on new posts on the site in your FB feed, go [...]

WTW – Opening to the World!

I clicked the switch officially - this site is now searchable on search engines! For those of you who have helped with suggestions and problems - thank you. Keep them coming. Feel free to invite any writerly friends of yours to join us. The more the merrier! If you are one of the first to [...]

What's going on? 2/10/13

Two fun forum topics have been posted under "writing." One, your favorite one-liner that you've written. I'll have to think about that one. The second, the best first paragraph you've ever read. Either post the book its from or the whole paragraph. On the note of forums, after much research, I can't list the threads [...]


Author Nathan Bransford sponsors a fun contest on his blog called the FIFTH Sort-of-Annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge! The prize is kind of HUGE - his agent will read a partial manuscript of yours! It's DUE THIS THURSDAY by 4:00 pm PST. Go to his site to post your paragraph. There are already quite [...]

What's Happening 1/29

Everybody has been busy with finals, and it's been a bit quiet around here. That's okay though - we're just getting started. Those of you who responded to last week's survey, voted mostly for Facebook. This site does have a Facebook Page. It's www.facebook.com/whereteenswrite. If you like it, you will get notice of all the [...]

Responding to the Stories

Look for Shellmaiden's Guest Post on Thursday - it's all about the importance of research in your writing. If you're interested in guest posting let me know. Responding to stories - there are some awesome stories posted on the site. To access them, click on the Read Stories link in the navigation bar. I've noticed [...]

What's Happening and Questions

Welcome to th3wraith - if your writing is as creepy as your profile picture (and I think it might be!) I look forward to reading more of it! Some activity on the forums - Shellmaiden started a cool thread for your favorite one-liners that you have written. I didn't write this one-liner, but my current [...]

What's Happening Around the Site

Welcome to grammarnazi - I had not idea you were one!! We are kindred spirits! The CWC chose the prompt I posted on Monday for the weekly prompt. Check it out here and post your story on the submit stories page if you'd like. Would you like to be a "guest blogger" or write a [...]

Community News – 1/7/13

Welcome to timerifter52 - again another super cool user name! I think a "username writing prompt" needs to happen at some point. I started a weekly email newsletter called "The Weekly Muse" to highlight what's happening on the site. As of right now, I'll be sending it out on Wednesday, so look for it in [...]

Happy New Year WTW-er's!!

I hope January 1, 2013 finds you all looking forward to this new year - I know I am. Check out the new poll in the left sidebar. What are your writing goals for 2013? I sat down yesterday and listed out some of my writing goals for the year. #1 on that list is [...]

More Founders and Stories!

Welcome to Gath175, Vikkicanfly (LOVE that user name - totally appropriate from what I can tell), and mythmonster (true story L). I think we should have some sort of writing prompt based on user names - they're pretty creative and entertaining! Head on over to the forums - treat next meeting for the first forum [...]

Welcome New FOUNDING WTW Members!!

It is official - we have FOUNDERS!! So . . . Congratulations! Thank you!! You ROCK!!! Welcome to: Angelsboy (aka hood), Shellmaiden (you're killin' me B - I want to hear the story there), Scottsman (our FIRST story poster!!), and Captaincam (somehow that name just fits! - come get my villain book tomorrow if you'd [...]

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