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Where Teens Write is closing its doors as a teen writing community, but the “how to write” blog posts will be up for another few weeks.
I’m happy to announce that you can post your stories and get feedback over at Teen Author’s Journal. Like WTW, it’s a smaller community where you can build relationships with others and hone your writing skills.
It’s been a great few years with all of you, but it’s time to close the doors to this community. If you did post stories here that you didn’t save anywhere else, and you’d like them, you may contact me using the contact page, and I’ll get you your story. Thank you for participating.
All the best,


Every now and again on this blog, I feel pulled to venture into inspirational waters (perhaps even philosophical) and today is one of those days. Why? Because the whole idea of “worry,” mostly about what others think, has come up several times in conversations with friends and family members, and to be honest, this past [...]

Who do you need to be a better writer?

We all have tools to help us write: a computer, writing books, and a journal. But these aren’t the most important piece in helping me become a better writer. What helps the most? My writing peeps! They’re the ones who keep me going and improving. But who are these people? And how do you find [...]

WTW survey results

Last summer, WhereTeensWrite ran a survey focused on the writing community and what the teen members would like to see here on WTW. I’ve been meaning to write this post to summarize the results for a while, but…I kept forgetting. I know, lame excuse, but it’s the truth. If you’re a teen writer, I think [...]

Your heart races, your hands shake, you want to run, scream, hide! Glancing behind you, you’re ready to face the growling beast that prowls toward you. But you see nothing – no beast, no scary slithering snake, no creepy spiders. Instead, you see a draft of your story and a friend, who’s waiting for you [...]

6 Reasons Why You Need Writing Buddies

Do you belong to a “writing group”? Or, if you don’t have an “official” group, do you have some writing buddies you can share your work with to get feedback? If you have writing buddies, congratulations! You’re on the “write” track – (sometimes I can’t help myself). If you don’t have writing buddies, I encourage [...]

When You Disagree With Feedback

When people give you feedback, what do you do with it? Do you listen to it? Ignore it? How do you decide if its good enough to changing your story for? I am currently in the process of revising my first novel. I finished the first draft last summer, August 2012, to be exact, and [...]

Clean Writing = Credibility

Have you ever read a story filled with spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors? Do you remember the content of that story or do you remember how difficult it was to read as you tried to translate the meaning? I’m willing to bet that you can recall the errors more so than the characters and the [...]

What do you do with Feedback?

You posted your story or a part of it in the forums. People read it, wrote about it, gave you comments. Some of them made you do a happy dance around your room, some made you want to toss your computer out the window, and others just didn’t even make sense. What do you do [...]

Getting feedback on your writing is the (sometimes scary) process of sharing your writing and asking others for help. You might be asking why this is important? You’re already a pretty great writer, or you wouldn’t be here, so why do you need others to read your writing? Let me share a few reasons:  1. Readers will [...]

Critique Like an Expert in 7 Easy Steps

You’ve read a story on WTW. You may think its great or you might think its not so great, but you see the potential. How do you help your fellow writer? How do you write a critique on the story and give them helpful feedback? 1. ALWAYS start out with what you like. We all [...]

When reading one another’s writing, high school students will almost always point out grammatical errors, misspelled words or typos before anything else. Perhaps its because they “know” how to fix those things. They’re easy to identify for good writers, but this is not editing though its part of the editing process. This is called proofreading. [...]

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