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A Search For Stars: Prologue

A man digs a hole. A woman kills a man. A hole is filled. A boy becomes a man. A man becomes a soldier. A soldier fills a hole. A leader is righteous. A leader is betrayed. A leader fills a hole. A star shines brightly. A star grows old. A star becomes a hole. [...]

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The Prodoger – Chapter 1 – Part 1

  The Prodoger - Chapter 1 Part 1   "We need to kill the girl, Johansen. If she's dead, we could rewrite the history. We won't have any descendent of the world, How does it sounds, there were no wars, a great man from the Westhouse an descendent of our Omniscient created this society and [...]

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The Prodoger Prologue

It was an interesting fight. Them, the poor worker family with their nephew versus the blood thirsty man , or as they call him on his many names. The rapist, the murderer the one that it is said to kill children only for fun will come immediate in their house. Well, it wasn't really a [...]


An Invite to Write: What’s the story here?

I'd like to invite you to warm-up your writing muscles with a flash fiction challenge. Are you up for it? Ready to write? It's definitely not hard. Well, maybe a little if you haven't written over the holidays, but this should help get you going. To participate, tell the story behind this pic in not [...]


The end or the start?

I didn't understand. Everything seems so different. The people. Oh god... The people. One day everything seemed so pleasant and amazing. Nothing could wreck my mood. Oh how I thought no-one could. But yet someone did. The red door stood in front, looking as though it could fall any minute. I was terrified. I knocked, [...]

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Wishes Of The World

She sits, there is no words. She sleeps, there is no sound. She breathes, yet no noise. She cries, yet no tear. Sarah was a simple girl, yet she never spoke. People didn't know why. They thought it was because she was shy... but it was much more than that. Only she knows, her parents [...]

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