Where Teens Write is closing its doors as a teen writing community, but the “how to write” blog posts will be up for another few weeks.
I’m happy to announce that you can post your stories and get feedback over at Teen Author’s Journal. Like WTW, it’s a smaller community where you can build relationships with others and hone your writing skills.
It’s been a great few years with all of you, but it’s time to close the doors to this community. If you did post stories here that you didn’t save anywhere else, and you’d like them, you may contact me using the contact page, and I’ll get you your story. Thank you for participating.
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Take a Break to Re-Ignite Your Writing (trust me, it works)


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on the blog. I took a break for family reasons and also to find my writing mojo again. I know this site is all about encouraging you to write, but sometimes, taking a break and playing is what we need to re-ignite our creativity.

Have you ever lost your writing passion? Run out of ideas? Or you have ideas but you sit down to write and……

Yeah. That was me, so I decided to take a break from everything writing related, including WTW.

And then due to a random technical issue (that took my developer a while to solve), I couldn’t login to the site for a few weeks. Rather than freak out, I decided to go with it.

And ended up taking closer to five (or more) weeks. I didn’t write anything for WTW, and I took a break on my current novel all for almost as long.

Instead I read. A lot. I made some quilts and designed some others. I also started an online course on graphic design which has been fun. I love color and design, and it felt great to exercise some creative muscles other than my writing ones.

And I’ve slowly found my stories again. It’s felt good to write this past week. It’s been fun rather than an obligation.  To have the words flow like they haven’t in a long while.

I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more creative and clear than I have in a long while. It feels good. I feel like I did when I first started WTW. I have no idea where it will go, but I know that if it helps even one teen become a better writer or feel good about their writing, then it’s doing the its job.

So, my writing advice this week is to take a break from writing. Exercise your creative muscles in a way that you love and that feeds your soul. For me, it’s designing and sewing.

Or, if you haven’t written but you’ve been busy drawing or reading, try picking up your pen and seeing what comes out.


Have fun.

Enjoy the process and meet your muse.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear how you take breaks from writing. What kind of creative outlets do you have to feed your writing mojo?

Happy Halloween,


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