Where Teens Write is closing its doors as a teen writing community, but the “how to write” blog posts will be up for another few weeks.
I’m happy to announce that you can post your stories and get feedback over at Teen Author’s Journal. Like WTW, it’s a smaller community where you can build relationships with others and hone your writing skills.
It’s been a great few years with all of you, but it’s time to close the doors to this community. If you did post stories here that you didn’t save anywhere else, and you’d like them, you may contact me using the contact page, and I’ll get you your story. Thank you for participating.
All the best,

An Invite to Write: What’s the story here?

I’d like to invite you to warm-up your writing muscles with a flash fiction challenge.

Are you up for it?

Ready to write?

It’s definitely not hard. Well, maybe a little if you haven’t written over the holidays, but this should help get you going.

To participate, tell the story behind this pic in not more than 400 words. Post your story (or poem for you poets out there) here, on the “Write” page, and tag it “2016 warm-up challenge.”

This is NOT a contest. You won’t be judged. No winners (or losers for that matter).

Nope – this is all about having some fun and sharing some stories, and maybe giving and getting some feedback.

That’s it. No pressure.

If you need some help getting started, think about:

  • Who is this girl?
  • Why is she standing in front of a tank?
  • Is this serious? Or a spoof?
  • Where is she?

It’ll be fun to read the entries so have fun with this (and try and post within the next week – again,no pressure :).

Have a great start to your writing year!


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